Spirits Message Hello




The early hours of the morning, is the time when I go into a dream trance state, this is when loved ones that have passed over come to visit me.

 This time it was a friend of the family’s that come to visit me with a message from a now spirit and I am going to give him the name Dan, this will keep his identity private and his wife’s name will be Wendy.


When Dan came to visit he was trying so hard to speak to me but couldn’t, he just kept mumbling and his energy was so weak. I placed my hand on the side of his head to comfit him and guided his head to my chest where he rested his head against my heart, I said to Dan it’s okay, I understand, it’s okay love. He then vomited on my chest and I could smell this so strongly and I just simply wiped myself and kept speaking to him calmly.

 I then was taken to a vision of his wife Wendy and I was shown a kitchen bench I was being shown that this is important. I still have no idea why I was shown this but I saw corrugated iron on the other side of the bench and I thought what are you doing showing me this Dan, as I know you had this bench.

I was concerned about the visit all morning and wanted to tell my friend about it but I felt there is nothing to tell that would have her believe me so I felt I will keep it to myself.

 The hours of the day passed by and I still had this niggling feeling to contact Wendy but I said I cannot she would not listen to me.

 The day becomes cooler so I went outside to spend time in my garden and water my lawn that I am trying to keep green as it is struggling to live with the very hot and dry days.

 Whilst I was walking around, a niggling feeling came back to me and I said in my mind, no I cannot ring and tell Wendy as there is not enough to tell that would make her listen to me. I said in my mind you will have to give something very strong that will make her know that this is real as I know Wendy and she is straight to the point in letting one know what she thinks and she will say Bullshit!

 So here I am watering the lawn and I see a vision, a flash of an image in my mind, what this?  and I thought okay now I will ring her.

 I turn the hose off and walk inside and get the telephone and rang Wendy.  I dial the number and after three rings she answers my call. I said hello how are you, are you okay and she said yes I'm okay, I just got home, why is everything okay, it something wrong? I said no everything is fine.

  I need to ask you, Wendy, do you believe in what I do? Like me doing my readings? she replied well NO, I am not convinced. I said to Wendy I knew that but thank you for being straight with me. Wendy then said why are you asking me this?

 I said because I had a dream visit from Dan this morning and I told her about him how he was trying to tell me something but could not speak and I shared all that I saw and felt and this I told Wendy how it would not be enough for her to take in or believe and then I told her how I was in the garden and I had a vision, and she said what?


I said do you have a silver square ring? I said I have only ever seen you wearing gold rings but I see a square silver ring. Wendy replied that’s right!

 We had matching square white gold wedding rings. I still have them both but I never wear mine.

 Wow! I got the shivers all over me and I said, well Dan is trying to connect with you today for a reason so is today an important day in some way for you both? Wendy replied with, not that I can remember, but the last two days I have been thinking of him and thinking of getting a headstone done for his grave, well that that’s it! Dan is come through to let you know that he knows what you are doing and thank you, he wants to acknowledge that he is happy with what you are going to do.

What a lovely way for spirits message with a very strong confirmation for a friend.